Day 307 – Creativity

October 31, 2012


“Creativity can be seen as a state of natural flow. This state of flow, which has its roots in openness, occurs only in the absence of hope and fear. […]  To keep from getting caught up in these hopes and fears, you must first stop focusing so much on the goal. […] Likewise, even as you are conscious of your creative goal, it makes sense to place your attention on lining up the sights – taking the steps that can cause your desired results to spontaneously manifest.

Nothing is missing in your life; you are complete.

Nurture a sense of warmth: It is only from this warmth that creativity, finally will freely manifest. The third condition for connecting with your creative nature, therefore, is to notice and nurture a feeling of warmth. […] Warmth is the place from which love, kindness, compassion, expansiveness, and creativity arise. It’s like sitting in a patch of sunlight in cold weather. As the light warms you, you begin to smile. The warmth you experience is a sense of feeling complete or, more specifically, no longer feeling incomplete. […] Once sadness and feelings of inadequacy are cleared, joy and completeness are revealed. […] People often make the mistake of trying to act creatively before cultivating a sense of warmth.” (“The Great Perfection of Creativity” by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal)


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