Day 289 – Tea time

October 21, 2012


“After writing for a few hours I am ready to reward myself with a tart. The first bite is delicious. Creamy, sweet-sour, melting. When I take the second bite, I begin to think about what to write next. The flavour in my mouth decreases. I take another bite and get up to sharpen a pencil. As I walk, I notice that I am chewing, but there is almost no lemon flavour in this third bite. I sit down, get to work, and wait a few minutes. Then I take a fourth bite, fully focused on the smells, tastes, and touch sensations in my mouth. Delicious, again! I discover, all over again that the only way to keep that “first bite” experience, to honor the gift my friend gave me, is to eat slowly, with long pauses between bites. If I do anything else while I’m eating, if I talk, walk, write, or even think, the flavour diminishes or disappears. The life is drained from my beautiful tart. I could be eating the cardboard box. Here’s the humorous part. I stopped tasting the lemon tart because I was thinking. What was I thinking about? Mindful eating!” (Jan Chozen Bays, Mindful Eating, 2009.)


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